This is an easy saving tip for you. The main reason I spend unecessary money is because I think I need something when I really don’t. I was able to identify a couple of things that make me want to buy things I don’t have (TV commercials, ‘friends’ who brag about their stuff, etc.). One of the main things that causes me trouble is the flyers that come in my weekly community paper.

Every Wednesday and Thursday night, when I receive the paper, it is chock full of flyers. The biggest trouble-makers are the ones from the stores I am already addicted to, namely Future Shop and Home Depot. Without thinking about it, I can spend thousands of dollars in each of those stores. When the flyers used to come, I would place them in a basket and read them throughout the week. I would then see a great price or new product and shazam I would want it.Then I would let it slowly become a ‘need’. Then I could justify buying it.

I used to justify the flyers with all kinds of excuses. How will I know if something I need is on sale? How will I keep up to date with the latest technology, I do work in the technology field, so don’t I need to stay on the cutting edge? By the way, that last one was the same reason I used to justify my endless computer upgrades.

The simplest solution was the best one for me. I now take all of the flyers and pull out the grocery ones and throw the rest in recycling IMMEDIATELY. They don’t even sit on the table. Pull it out of the mailbox, walk in the front door, stand over the recycling bin and start dropping.

In the beginning, the wifey had to do it for me. Yes, it was that bad. But, now, I don’t even miss it. I guess like most addictions, going cold turkey hurts but you do get a light at the end of the tunnel. So the next time you get any advertisements delivered to your door, send ’em packing BEFORE they get a chance to start attacking your willpower!


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